a beginners guide to digital currency
how to buy, sell and win trading bitcoin
start your crypto-currency trading quest here

skyrocketing to record highs in 2017
due to the exponentially increasing demand
for the next generation in money technology

if you are only just discovering bitcoin now
have no fear of missing out, it is still early days

there is plenty of time to acquire your digital coins
and be in prime position for the digital age

current bitcoin exchange rate

how do i store and keep my bitcoins safe?

you can create a secure online wallet for free
using the website:
the best bitcoin wallet

once you create an account
take note of your unique wallet address
this is the key you will use to receive bitcoin

(it will similar to this: 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2)

where do i trade my fiat dollars for bitcoin?

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card
this is the best website i have found
for buying and selling bitcoin on demand
they have low fees and secure id verification

how can i earn more bitcoin for free?

once you have acquired a small amount of bitcoin
0. 0100 0000 btc is more than enough to start with
using the coin stock exchange website:
the best trading exchange website

known as 'day trading' the aim of the game
is to invest in an 'alt-coin'
that has suddenly dropped in value

buying when you can get it for a low price
and selling when the price rises again
you can gain +10% from a single well timed trade
but you have to be patient, timing is key

find a coin with alot of volume/traders
which consistantly pumps up and down in value
z-coin and digibyte are two coins i would recommend

how to earn bitcoin alt-coin trading

once you get good at this you can expand your balance
watch the video below for more informaion
about cryptocurrencies and day trading

bitconnect trading bot loans

if you don't have time to trade actively
bitconnect uses robot trading
you get paid daily % profits in return
way more profitable than a regular bank

it can take time to comprehend
this new digital currency
if you have any questions email me
i will help you learn more about crypto